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October 4, 2016The WMFVA is Proud to be Sponsored by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office
September 12, 2016WMFVA Networking Events 2016 Facility Tours & Happy Hours
September 12, 2016WMFVA 2016 Visiting Film Artist Series Featured Writer/Director Amy Heckerling
August 9, 2016West Michigan Film Video Alliance selects Amy Heckerling, award-winning writer and director, to present at the 2016 Visiting Film Artist Series
May 1, 2016"Alliance" Magazine Profiles Joshua Burge!
March 28, 2016WMFVA Networking Events Announcement
January 6, 2016Happy New Year - The Early Bird Clock Has Started!
December 6, 2015WMFVA TOWN HALL December 9, 2015, 7-9PM Wealthy Koning Micro-Cinema
December 6, 2015New WMFVA Board of Directors Candidates Announced
December 6, 2015David Baker, Program Coordinator for Digital Animation and Game Design at Ferris State University
December 6, 2015Thom Bell,DP/Producer/Documentarian, Owner of Bell Production Services
December 6, 2015Kerri VanderHoff, Grand Valley State University Adjunct Professor, Film/Video; Marketing & PR professional
December 6, 2015Charley Van Portfliet, Producer/Filmmaker Owner of Grand River Pictures
November 9, 2015November is New WMFVA Board Member Month
August 25, 2015WMFVA launches new film magazine, "Alliance"
July 3, 2015Pitch, Shoot, Post & Promote short film contest for West Michigan filmmakers
June 19, 2015WMFVA launches innovative podcast Film Talk
May 26, 2015WMFVA and UICA team up to bring notable film artist, writer/director Paul Schrader, to Grand Rapids
May 17, 2015Congratulations to Winners of the 2015 Eclipse Awards!
January 30, 2015Enter 4th Annual Eclipse Awards NOW!
January 26, 2015
January 13, 2015New Board Member Slate Announced
January 11, 2015Jim Idema Passes
January 7, 2015Monica Sparks Networking Diva
January 7, 2015Ken Miguel-Cipriano, Film Fan, Fundraiser, Future Builder
January 7, 2015Krystn Madrine - Producer, Director, Photographer, Actor
January 2, 2015WMFVA Board Members End Terms
December 31, 2014Michigan Legislature Extends Film Incentives
December 27, 2014Governor Signs Bill Amending Film Incentives
December 10, 2014PERFECT TEN WMFVA Membership Drive ENDS THIS WEEK
November 25, 2014WMFVA to CELEBRATE 10th ANNIVERSARY!
November 25, 2014West Michigan Production Directory
November 25, 2014The WMFVA Wants You!
November 25, 2014Our Mission...
October 21, 2014The WMFVA Wants You!
October 5, 2014The WMFVA Sponsors Two Festivals This Fall!
August 31, 2014WMFVA New Promo
July 9, 2014A Death in the Family
February 16, 2014New Officers Elected to WMFVA Board of Directors
February 12, 2014How I Got Distribution
January 22, 2014Third Annual Eclipse Awards Open for Entries!
January 14, 2014thanks to our silent auction donors!
January 7, 2014Meet the Candidates
January 6, 2014
January 6, 2014
January 6, 2014
January 6, 2014
December 18, 2013Enter the Grand Rapids Film Festival
December 11, 2013The Early Bird Gets The Savings
January 21, 2013
January 19, 2013New WMFVA Board of Directors
January 19, 2013WMFVA Founding Chair Bids Farewell!
January 8, 2013Candidates for WMFVA Board of Directors Profiled
January 8, 2013
January 8, 2013
January 8, 2013
January 6, 20137th Annual Membership Party at the SpeakEZ January 18!
November 1, 2012WMFVA Hosts New MFO Director with WMFO
October 19, 2012New MFO Director Announced, Carrie Jones Says Farewell
July 11, 2012WMFVA News Updates now on FaceBook Page
June 8, 2012MFO Approves Feature Film
June 7, 2012WMFVA Discount for Compass College's Summer Camps for TEENS
March 7, 2012New Board Members and officers 2012
March 5, 2012New Board Members and officers 2012
March 5, 2012New Board Members and officers 2012
February 2, 2012Thanks to our sponsors!
January 29, 2012WMFVA Board Officers Announced 2012
January 29, 2012WMFVA Slaties Award Winners 2012
January 17, 2012Latest MFO Semi-Annual Report
January 5, 2012WMFO Film Commissioner Rick Hert Appointed to MFOAC!
January 4, 2012WMFVA Offers Special Early Bird Membership
January 3, 2012First 2012 MFO Advisory Council Meeting Announced
January 3, 2012MFO Announces New incentives Application Available
December 27, 2011WMFVA 2012 Calendar of Events
December 23, 2011Message from MFO Director Carrie Jones - New Film Legislation
December 23, 2011Meet the WMFVA Board Candidates!
December 23, 2011Meet elected WMFVA Board Trustee Dawn Butler
December 23, 2011Meet WMFVA Board Trustee Candidate Gabriel Del Castillo
December 23, 2011Meet WMFVA BoardTrustee Candidate Liz Merriman
December 8, 2011WMFVA Hosts Informative Film Legislation Update
November 1, 2011Governor Snyder Appoints New MFOAC Members
October 25, 2011First WM Table Read Wednesday, October 26!
October 11, 2011Thriller! Chiller! Ticket Deal for WMFVA Members
July 15, 2011MFO Releases Semi-Annual Report
June 28, 2011Michigan Film Office Advisory Council Draft Minutes
June 11, 2011Special WMFVA Discount for Compass College Summer Acting Camp
June 4, 2011MFOAC Meets in Saugatuck this Friday
April 26, 2011New Website Published about MI Film Incentives
April 23, 2011Michigan Film Office Weekly Report
April 15, 2011Latest Figures from Michigan Film Office
March 25, 2011Next MFOAC Meeting April 15, 2011
March 25, 2011Screenwriters Share Perfect Pitch
March 14, 2011MFO Director Files Report on Film in Michigan
March 9, 2011West Michigan Film Society FB Page Supports Film Incentives
March 8, 2011FREE Trial GRAM Membership to WMFVA Members
March 1, 2011Sample Letters to Legislators
March 1, 2011Sample Letters to Legislators
March 1, 2011Michigan Film Office Releases 2010 Annual Report
March 1, 2011Michigan Film Office Releases 2010 Annual Report