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New Website Published about MI Film Incentives

If you are interested in the Michigan film/digital production incentives, check out the new website below.

The website helps you talk with your legislators about the impact of the incentives on your personal career growth, income, networking, etc. Special pages outline myths about the incentives program and ways to explain the benefits, plus a news article round up.

The site also published the proposal for amending the incentives. Amend Don't End and Michigan Film First agreed on the joint proposal. Members of the West Michigan Film Industry Task Force also support the plan. See document below.

With all three regions of the state united behind the single proposal, proponents of the film industry in Michigan plan to take advantage of the next month to visit legislators; especially the newly elected Representatives and Senators, who may not know about the new proposal, or much about the benefits of the film industry.

As summer approaches, so does the final budget. If you plan to visit your legislator, you only have a few more weeks to do so. If you want your voice heard, you have now been given everything you need. Supporters of the Amend, Don't End website and the Michigan film incentives hope you will use it!