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First WM Table Read Wednesday, October 26!

MP Talent is teaming up with the West Michigan Film Video Alliance to give talented local screenwriters an opportunity to hear their scripts (or, more precisely, 3-10 minute excerpts thereof) come to life. The 4Wall event is slated for Wednesday, October 26, 2011, beginning with networking and refreshments at 6:30pm at the Wealthy Theatre Koning Micro-Cinema, 1130 Wealthy SE.

Featured works: "Armadillo," a dramedy by Bill Phipps; "Bethany Caf," a one-act morality play by Steve Goolian; "Queen of Vengeance," a drama based on the war led by an actual historical figure in 61 AD, by Mark Winzer; "Bully, Bully," teen drama, by Jerry Ford; "Arctic One," childrens' adventure, by Ella Swift.

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