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Message from MFO Director Carrie Jones - New Film Legislation


Governor Snyder signed SB 569 into law and issued a press release, which is available online. I have also included key provisions in SB 569 below. With the bill signed, we are now able to finalize the program updates we have been working to implement in order to begin accepting new applications for projects in 2012.

The new application will be available on the Michigan Film Office website by close of business on Tuesday, January 3. The Film Office will begin accepting new applications on Monday, January 9. Be sure to read the updated FAQ document included with the application online. This will lay out the vast majority of the policies and processes the Film Office will be utilizing under the new film incentive program. Our staff is also here to assist and answer any questions you may have. The signing of SB 569 is an important step forward for our program, and we are looking forward to a busy new year with many great projects for Michigan.

Best, Carrie Jones, Director, Michigan Film Office

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SB 569

To be eligible, projects must have expenditures of $100,000 or more.


o 27% of direct production expenditures (goods and services purchased in the state)

o Michigan Personnel Expenditures (resident above and below the line)

32% through January 1, 2015

27% after January 1, 2015

o Crew Personnel Expenditures (non-resident below the line)

25% through January 1, 2013 (2012)

20% through January 1, 2014 (2013)

15% through January 1, 2015 (2014)

10% after January 1, 2015 (2015 and beyond)

o Qualified Personnel Expenditures (non-resident above the line)

27% through January 1, 2015

12% after January 1, 2015

o 3% for expenditures at a qualified facility or postproduction facility

o Payments for MI producers shall not exceed 10% of expenditures, 5% for non-MI producers

Not less than 5% of the funding awarded shall be awarded for postproduction expenditures for qualified productions.

Application fee equal to .2% of the funding request (minimum $200, max $5,000).

The Film Office must process the application within 21 days after the application is complete as determined by the office.

Participants receiving production assistance funds will be required to include an acknowledgement provided by the Michigan Film Office that promotes the Pure Michigan tourism campaign or any successor campaign.

Funding may be reallocated at the end of each fiscal year from unclaimed certificates of completion.

For interactive games, eligible production company need not possess ownership or legal control of intellectual property rights.

A television show may submit an application for no more than two successive seasons, notwithstanding the fact that the successive seasons have not been ordered.

The Michigan Film Office must disclose the identity and amount of all gifts, grants and other donations on its website.

The Film Office must submit a quarterly status report to the Legislature.

Commercials are not eligible.

Sunsets September 30, 2017.

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