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WMFVA Founding Chair Bids Farewell!

Dear Colleagues,

I just wanted to take a moment to say farewell from the WMFVA Board of Director's chair I've been privileged to hold since the Alliance began in January 2005.

The Membership Party this weekend was the kick off of the 7th year -- and this year was the best percentage increase in membership we've ever enjoyed! So as the founding chair, it feels wonderful to know the WMFVA is going to do just fine without me!

Still, there is always the mission calling - to promote a thriving film and video production community throughout west Michigan. I and the other founders leave the Alliance in the very capable hands of the new board of directors, under the leadership of Chair Glen Okonoski. Huge thanks to you current board members for "carrying on:" Sharon Adcock, Michael Betz, Dawn Butler, Kim Crozier, Gabriel Del Castillo, Darius Mathis, Liz Merriman, Pamela Patton, Jake Pollack, Eddie Tadlock, and Leland Wyrick.

Now I get to move on as have my co-founders, Ed de Jong, Paul La Vigne, Chuck Peterson, and John Philbin - the Alliance owes a huge debt to you guys, as I do personally, for the years you put into making the Alliance the success it is today; especially the year before we formally launched. Each one of you played a critical role in getting us organized and you'll stay my brothers forever!

I also want to mention the many others from our community who stepped up in the last six years to keep the Alliance strong. I loved serving with each of you because of, not in spite of, the crazy and challenging times each new board faced together: Jax Baker, Angie Brown, Bryan Buchan, Dirk Eichhorst, Jason Fishell, Anthony Griffin, Dwight Hamilton, Andrew Johnston, Karen Kleinheksel, Mike Kren, Hilary Mills, Tom Norton, Jeff Ott, Melissa Peraino, Alexander Plewes, Susan Joy Reagan, Kim Richardson, Ken Robinson, William Rude, Allen Ruhlandt, Matt Saganski, Mark S. Schroeder, Dianna Stampfler, Sara Stelwagen, Scott VanderSchel, Joe Voss, and Michele Yamazaki. Special thanks to Rick Hert, West Michigan Film Commissioner, who has always worked closely with our Alliance board.

As the lists of names of above proves, the Alliance has benefited from the leadership of the world's most talented and dedicated people, who luckily for us chose to live in west Michigan. It has been a profound and moving experience for me to serve with you all to build the community represented by the folks that celebrated together last night.

Love you all - and keep it going!!


xx deb oo

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