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Ken Miguel-Cipriano, Film Fan, Fundraiser, Future Builder

Ken hails from Peru and left for the states as a child with the rest of his missionary family. Growing up on the south side of Grand Rapids through twenty Michigan winters was quite different than his coastal home of Lima, Peru. Being a foreigner in a foreign land, Ken found his escape in film & movies. He recalls the moment he fell in love with cinema. He was laying in his living room watching the 1982 musical Annie, when the song & dance number Lets Go to the Movies came onto the CRT TV (remember those?). As the philosophers say, It was all turtles from there on down. Ken has been an avid, No, a ferocious video, movie, and film viewer ever since that fateful winter night in the early 90s. 

A Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, SnagFilms, and Sundance Doc Club account are not enough to keep up with his viewing pace. Visits to the UICA, Wealthy Theatre, Michigan Theater, State Theater, and Celebration Cinemas are as part of his routine as sitting down for dinner. Ken is excited to work with the WMFVA on the 4-Walls Screenings to improve Community Development and strengthen Community Engagement. He brings his love for film to the WMFVA Board in an effort to bring the invaluable experience and joy of film to a wider audience here in West Michigan.

Ken graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a degree in Critical Medical Anthropology. His post-graduate work has concentrated in the intersection of international aid/development and emerging technology. Today, his work has brought him to GR Current as a startup collaborator.