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Charley Van Portfliet, Producer/Filmmaker Owner of Grand River Pictures

In my 20's I dabbled in experimental films as I served in the USAF. I got out of it for a while, and since 2005, I have been operating Grand River Pictures. Slow at first, but upping my game over the last 10 years. For the last six, I have been an active member of the WMFVA. Up until the last few years, my movies were short narratives and music videos. However, in the last 2 or 3 years, I have partnered with a few businesses to work on corporate projects. I have produced videos for three different departments within Spectrum Health. Also Village Bike & Fitness, GVSU, and bikestoreguys.com. Those videos are usually small in scale, and have been completed with a crew of less than 5 people. I collaborate with other filmmakers on their sets as well. Everything from acting, to sound department, to BTS photography.

 I come from ultra low budget film making and could relate to that demographic that might not think that a membership is worthwhile. I am a good communicator and would be active in any decision making discussions, versus sitting back and going with the flow. And I'm eager to learn the processes that go along with being on the inside of a non-profit entity.


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