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Thom Bell,DP/Producer/Documentarian, Owner of Bell Production Services

For more than three decades, world traveler Thom Bell has provided video production services to well-known businesses and nonprofits in the West Michigan area including Amway, Herman Miller GE Aviation, L3 Communications, Whirlpool, The Stephen Colbert Show, Steelcase, Davenport University, as well as many agencies and production companies. Projects have taken him to Europe, India, China, Japan, Honduras, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Vancouver and many locations across the U.S.

Thom graduated from William James College at Grand Valley State Colleges with a B.S. in Arts & Media.  He claims "humble beginnings" as an industrial machine builder in the 1970s to his present stints as an independent media professional and principal at Eye Wonder Media. Throughout the years, Thom has remained a firm believer in critical thinking and pro bono work. He is a big supporter of the Montessori program through the Grand Rapids Public Schools, and has helped with building restoration projects as well as grant acquisitions and program development. In 2012, he became chairperson of the Montessori Advisory Council.

Thoms current work focuses on providing production services and developing documentary projects about American archeology under Eye Wonder Media. He also teaches at Compass College of Cinematic Arts.

 Thom has lived in the same Grand Rapids neighborhood with his family for over 20 years and enjoys giving back to the community. Thom sees his collaborative talents as strengths to continue developing a resilient and skilled media production community here in West Michigan. About Board service, Thom says, "I saw it as an opportunity to give back to the community, specifically to the WMFVA organization, and to contribute to the development of the professional media profile in our community that would encourage the development of business opportunities while developing strategies for maintaining a stable and skilled pool of local media professionals."


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