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David Baker, Program Coordinator for Digital Animation and Game Design at Ferris State University

David Baker is an educator, producer and award winning communicator. His extensive background in media production and education has led him to produce projects including television commercials, instructional manuals and videos, childrens educational games and international film festivals. Working in a variety of styles designed to both entertain and help people learn, his enthusiasm for communication, education and animation create unique and unforgettable productions.

David Bakers skills include educational management, instructional design, animation, video production, 2D and 3D graphic applications, writing, marketing and management of media production resources. David graduated from Ferris State University, with a Master of Science in Career and Technical Education, and with Highest Honors from Hope College, Holland, MI with a B.A. in Art. David served as Director of the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International and was the Owner and Creative Director for his own company, Classic Animation, for a number of years in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  David has won a number of awards for animated film, commercial work and  received national attention for the animation and gaming initiatives he spearheads at FSU.   He currently serves as Program Coordinator, Digital Animation and Game Design (DAGD) at the FSU Grand Rapids Campus

David considers his university connections as key to his contributions to the WMFVA Board of Directors. "Being involved in academia, I see myself as a facilitator and evangelist for media careers. My current focus is on the next generation of media artist. While I can and still produce media, I get more fulfillment helping artist discover themselves in a dynamic career. Michigan is positioned well as a media creation community. I wish to further my mission of 'Bringing Art to Life' by supporting this dynamic state."


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