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Happy New Year - The Early Bird Clock Has Started!

Happy New Year! Midnight wasnt the end of the New Year celebration! The WMFVA welcomes you, for the 11th year in a row, to a new year of events, networking, and professional development opportunities!


Coming up fast is the Annual Membership Party on January 22, held this year at the fabulous Bridgewater Place in downtown Grand Rapids. Meet your Board of Directors members and get excited about WHAT IS HAPPENING and WHAT IS POSSIBLE!

This is a free event for our members so be sure to get signed up during the Early Bird Special when you get a $10 discount. Youve got until January 15! After that, we MIGHT REDUCE the discount by $5 if we feel ornery enough. IS DELAY WORTH IT??

Because we are still integrating our new membership software, now known as Non-Profit
(anything but) EZ, we have re-opened the STARMAP database to make your sign up TRULY EZ! So sign up at today! Click on the handy link below.


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