Marine Tech (Grand Haven, West)
As one walks down the side walk on the South Side of Washington St. (you're about 2 blocks from Waterfront Stadium (on the Grand River). You will find a nicely groomed "Marine Yacht Supply Store). The enterence of the store is a "Viewers Delight from the sidewalk as you can look though a complete all glass front, framed with metal dividers to hold the transparent glass wall in place. Upon entering the store you will find your self walking on a shiney wooden floor. You're surrounded by Boating, Yatching Supplies, plus a wide assortment of, Compasses, Water and land maps, Gps machines, Safety and Marine Flashlights, Life Vests, and scores of other sea faring equipment. The displayed Boating and Yachting equipment shares space with scores of Painting, Pictures, and Postcards mostly created by local artists that live along the Lake Michigan Coast Line.
Photographer: Mark S. Schroeder
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